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Emission Control and Four Gas Analysis 

Emission Control and Four Gas Analysis – 2 Days

Engine management and emission related problems are commonplace, and it’s important that technicians use all of their diagnostic weaponry to fix these problems efficiently first time.

This course looks at the diagnostic options available and how using a mix of serial data, oscilloscopes and gas analysers can enhance your diagnostic success.

It’s broadly understood that a fault code naming a “lambda” problem can be many other issues than the sensor itself and on this course you’ll discover what tests to do and when. Building on the knowledge from our Essential courses you’ll expand your understanding of fuel trim, the different types and how they can be used diagnostically.

You'll Learn...

What good serial data looks like using generic scan tools, OBD and manufacturer diagnostic systems. And the tests required both serially and with a scope when it’s not so hot.

There’s also much to be gained from a thorough understanding of 4 gas analysis and you’ll discover why understanding the relationships between these gases can aid engine management and emission diagnosis enhancing your diagnostic process and first time fix rate.

Course Overview


Emission control overview.


Base injection and fuel trim theory.


Lambda sensor types, construction and operation.


Serial data analysis using OBD, generic and manufacturer diagnostic tools.


Lambda sensor scope diagnosis.


Associated test equipment and diagnostic process.


Exhaust gas analysis overview.


4 Gas composition and diagnostic chemistry the easy way.


Understanding 4 gas analysis.


4 Gas analysis and your diagnostic routine.


Practical catalyst diagnosis.


On vehicle practical emission diagnosis.

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