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Essential Air Conditioning and Climate Control Diagnosis

Essential Air Conditioning and Climate Control Diagnosis – 2 Days

On this course you’ll learn the components within the air conditioning refrigerant circuit, their function within the system and service considerations for their correct operation. You’ll also gain knowledge on the fundamental components within the climate control system including the various sensors and actuators necessary for regulating cabin temperature.

Now you have a fundamental understanding of the HVAC operation this is where the fun starts!

The main focus of this two day course is the practical diagnosis of the HVAC system. Specifically when you have the correct refrigerant charge and all should be operating correctly, but still have warm air coming from the vents.

You'll Learn...

How to diagnose the refrigerant circuit by measuring pressures and temperatures within the system as well as assessing compressor performance including electronic compressor control.

As with all our training you’ll be using multi make and manufacturer specific diagnostic equipment along with oscilloscopes and AC related test tools.

This course will give you the confidence to take on HVAC diagnosis and learn skills that you can put into practice the very next day.

Course Overview


Air conditioning and climate control overview.


Principles of air conditioning.


The air conditioning cooling circuit.


Air conditioning using fixed orifice tube.


Air conditioning using a thermal expansion valve.


Compressor types and their function and operation.


Electronic compressor control.


System service and repair procedures.


Climate control function and operation.


Diagnosis of system sensors and actuators using serial diagnosis.


Diagnosis of system performance using temperature and pressure analysis.

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