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Essential Braking Systems – ESP and ABS Diagnosis

Essential Braking Systems – ESP and ABS Diagnosis – 2 Days

Anti lock braking and the associated systems have been with us for decades but like all vehicle technology much has changed over time.

The focus of this course being the common systems that you’ll see in your workshops on a day to day basis.

The course is designed to give you confidence in accurately diagnosing ABS and ESP related faults as well as important information when carrying out service related repairs.

Essential breaking systems

You'll Learn...

About ABS / ESP systems, their component parts and functionality from a range of manufacturers.

You’ll discover the different types of modulators used along with the various analog, digital and intelligent sensors found within these systems.

You’ll be using a range of test equipment including oscilloscopes, meters, multi make and manufacturer specific diagnostic tooling which will give you a broad range of skills which can be put to use in your workshop the very next day.

Course Overview


ABS, ESP and Brake management overview.


ABS function and operation.


ESP function and operation.


Traction control function and operation.


Active braking systems.


Sensor operation, function and test procedures.


Actuator operation, function and test procedures.


Oscilloscope and test meter component analysis.


Serial diagnostic options using both generic and manufacturer equipment.


Service considerations.

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