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Essential Direct Injection Petrol Engine Management Diagnosis

Essential Direct Injection Petrol Engine Management Diagnosis - 2 Days

Direct injection petrol has been commonplace for many years and brings with it some additional diagnostic challenges.

Having attended this course you’ll have a thorough understanding of system components, they’re function, operation as well as an efficient and effective strategy for their diagnosis.

You'll Learn...

About demand and non demand controlled low pressure fuel supply systems, and discover the methods used to produce high rail pressure. We’ll take a look at the different pumps employed and the high pressure control strategies as well as the different injectors used. You’ll have the opportunity to use a host of fuel system testing equipment including supply pressure and flow as well as getting the chance to bench test injectors, and of course it just wouldn’t be an Auto iQ course if the oscilloscope didn’t play it’s part by using multi channel testing of the fuel system components.

We’ll also look at how the inlet and exhaust systems may differ from a manifold injected vehicle as well as covering the different sensors and actuators found on direct injection vehicles.

System testing will be carried out with a mix of multi make and manufacturer diagnostic equipment and information, and as with all the courses the focus is on practical learning, increasing your diagnostic confidence and you taking away skills you can use in your workshop the very next day.

Know how

Course Overview


Direct petrol injection engine management functions and operations


ECU control strategies


Low pressure fuel supply. Demand and non demand system function, operation and diagnosis.


High pressure fuel supply function operation and diagnosis.


Direct injection fuelling modes.


Injector testing on vehicle and bench tests.


Sensor operation, function and test procedures.


Actuator operation, function and test procedures.


Emission control systems and Nox catalysts.


Serial diagnostic diagnosis with generic and manufacturer equipment.


Diagnostic strategy. Understanding serial data.


Oscilloscope component analysis.

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