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Essential Electrical Skills

Essential Electrical Test Skills – 2 Days

There are some things that a technician can get by without knowing but a thorough knowledge of electrical theory and how this applies to so many diagnostic repairs isn’t one of them!

This course is a must for any technician that doesn’t truly understand auto electrical theory and would like to learn practical diagnostic skills that apply to any system with a wire on it!

You'll Learn...

The fundamental components of an electrical circuit, the types of circuits you’ll find on a vehicle, the measurements required for accurate diagnosis and the equipment needed to definitively test them.

You’ll discover potential difference and how understanding this can be crucial to diagnosing sensor and actuator circuits as well as any power or ground faults.

This course will give you the underpinning electrical theory and skills required to move onto oscilloscope diagnosis and the knowledge to make the most of our other courses within the Auto IQ technician training program.

Know how

Course Overview


Test equipment choice and use.


Automotive electrical circuit types.


Electrical values and their relationships.


Wiring diagram use and navigation?


Voltage drop and why this will change your diagnostic life.


Electrical circuit test routines.


Using a meter to diagnose control and load circuits.


Using a meter to diagnose actuator circuits.


Using a meter to diagnose sensor circuits.


Diagnosis using current.


Introduction to oscilloscope diagnosis.


Test your knowledge with on vehicle diagnostic sessions.

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