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Essential Start Stop & Energy Management

Essential Start Stop & Energy Management – 2 Days

What was once a starting and charging system has morphed into energy management and stop start systems.

This change in technology requires technicians to gain additional knowledge and skills to ensure accurate and efficient diagnosis and that’s where we come in.

On this course you’ll learn why stop / start and energy management systems have been adopted, the actuators, sensors and control units that make up these systems, along with operational strategy giving you the much needed system awareness to aid diagnosis.

You'll Learn...

You’ll discover the importance of using the correct battery, how battery health is monitored and the correct procedures for accurate diagnosis and replacement.

You’ll learn about power management systems and how “smart charge” alternators differ, along with control strategies such as wake up and sleep protocols and electrical load reduction.

Next up is the Start – Stop system and you’ll see how this is closely linked to power management and learn about its function, operation and key information for system evaluation.

As with all our training you’ll have the option to use generic and manufacturer diagnostic systems, along with meters and scopes learning test techniques you can put into practice the very next day.

Know how

Course Overview


Power management and stop start overview.


Battery technologies.


Battery state of charge and health monitoring.


Battery diagnosis and equipment options.


Battery replacement procedures.


Conventional charging system function and diagnosis.


Smart charge components function and operation.


Power distribution and consumption monitoring.


Power strategies, wake sleep protocols and load reduction.


Power diagnosis using serial evaluation, meters and scopes.


Start – Stop function, operation and power management integration.


Start – Stop diagnosis using serial evaluation, meters and scopes.

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