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Progressive Petrol Management Diagnosis

Progressive Petrol Management Diagnosis – 2 Days

This course builds on the knowledge and skills covered in our Essential series training and is designed to take your understanding of petrol engine management systems and diagnostic ability to the next level.

The course encompasses much of the popular functionality found on modern systems and gives the technician an enhanced comprehension when diagnosing these systems.

You’ll increase your knowledge of sensor operation and actuator functionality whilst exploring additional diagnostic options.

You'll Learn...

About the subs systems that improve performance and emissions such as variable valve timing and variable valve lift, variable inlet tract, charge pressure control, mapped cooling and oil circuits as well as systems that use cylinder deactivation technology to name a few.

As with all our courses you’ll get to use generic and manufacturer diagnostic equipment, as well extensive oscilloscope component testing and an introduction to the WPS500X pressure transducer and its place when diagnosing engine management faults.

You’ll also be able to take part in active fault finding sessions putting into practice what you’ve learnt.

Know how

Course Overview


Overview of modern engine management.


Sensor design, operation and diagnosis.


Actuator functionality and diagnosis.


Intake system control and actuator diagnosis.


Valve timing, lift control systems and actuator diagnosis.


Cylinder deactivation technology.


Fuel supply system diagnosis.


Introduction to pressure diagnosis using WPS500x.


Serial data diagnosis using manufacturer equipment.


Multi channel scope diagnosis.


Practical fault finding sessions.

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