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Why Auto iQ?

Auto iQ provides a range of business services just for the automotive after-market. From business coaching, technical training to digital, marketing, sales, finance and telephony solutions. We have you covered.

Our team has decades of experience and a proven track record both in the automotive industry and in driving digital revenue for some of the largest businesses in the UK.

So we can help garages, just like yours, get the business results you deserve.

5 star reviews

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As a garage owner do you ask?

  • How do I sustainably boost sales and increase profit?
  • How do I increase workshop performance?

  • How do I build and retain the right team?

  • How do I attract more of the right customers?

These are the types of questions we answer for our clients on a daily basis. More importantly, we work closely with you to analyse your specific requirements and implement change that delivers long-term benefit.

Garage Owner

Our Accelerator Programme provides business development and coaching for forward looking garage owners.

This programme uses our unique ‘Garage Profit Calculator’ to identify and target the best ways for your garage to increases revenue and profit.

We help you to build systems & processes that lead to less stress and more money

Accelerator programme direction

Do you have diagnostic questions?

  • What tests do I do?
  • How do I do them?

  • How do I do them?

  • What tools do I use?

  • What should the results be?

With vehicle technology moving at an astounding pace it’s only natural to have a bunch of questions. Our technical training programs ensure you’ll develop at the right pace and gain skills you can use the very next day.

Diagnostic training

Our Technical Training Courses provide a complete programme of technical training designed to develop today’s technician.

Each course is a balanced mix of theory and practical learning ensuring you get back to the workshop motivated to use your new skills the very next day.

Our range of course cover everything from essential skills to advanced and manufacturer courses.

Technical training cogs


We have decades of experience in our industry and a proven track record using our unique Garage Profit System to help garages just like yours get the results you deserve. Accelerator isn’t a “get rich quick scheme”, and it isn’t for every garage. But… for the right applicants We Get Results!


Whether you’re just starting out in your career, looking to become a master technician or want to specialise in a particular brand of vehicle, our technical training has something for everyone. Our hands-on training will give you the skills that can be put in to practice the very next day to make a real difference to your business.

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