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Boost your garage's visibility and profitability effortlessly with Auto iQ's tailored social media services. We focus on meaningful engagement that drives not just likes but real bottom-line results.

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Auto iQ Social Marketing: Where results speak for themselves. Elevate your business with proven strategies that drive profits and outshine the competition. #DriveProfitably


Think social media’s just for fun? Your competitors don’t! You’ve got your brand out there on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, but are your posts and ads doing more than just taking up digital space? Phrases like “engagement rates” and “organic reach” may seem straightforward, but the rules of the social media game are ever-changing. Are you connecting, or just collecting likes that don’t translate into sales? Even riskier: Are your half-baked social strategies actually guiding potential customers toward your competitors? Miss the mark here and it’s not just a lost follower – it’s a potential customer your competitor just won. Social media isn’t just a playground; it’s a battleground. Fail to get it right, and you’re handing over valuable ground to your rivals.



At Auto iQ, we understand the battlefield that is social media. We’re not just about ticking the boxes for ‘likes’ and ‘shares’; we’re in the business of driving results that you can take to the bank. Utilising a blend of proven strategies, we ensure that your social presence isn’t just ‘there’, it’s there to make a tangible difference to your bottom line. We cover all bases to optimise not just engagement, but profitability. So, if you’re tired of giving away your potential market share, it’s time to make every post, ad, and click count with Auto iQ

Revolutionise your social game with Auto iQ: Boost enquiries, drive profits, and conquer the competition on all fronts.

business coaching services
business coaching services

Generate More Phone Calls - Guaranteed

Our specialty lies in crafting powerful systems that go way beyond the norm. We're all about driving new customers to your doorstep, leaving traditional marketing in the dust. Our mission? To make your phone ring off the hook with top-tier enquiries, leaving your competition far behind. We're not about empty promises. We're dedicated to delivering tangible, measurable outcomes: more high-value customers and bigger profits.
  • We've acquired 3k new German vehicle customers using Auto iQ's marketing

    Attracting Valuable Customers

    Our focus is all about finding the cream of the crop in customers through strategic social media content marketing. The result? The average invoice value from customers we deliver through digital channels is 1.8 times greater than the industry norm. And if that's not impressive enough, our upfront research takes it up a notch. By pinpointing exactly where these valuable customers hang out on social media, we tailor our strategies for social media success.
    • An AIV on Auto iQ marketing leads of over £600. What's not to like?

      Supercharge Your Profits

      Forget the technical jargon you might get from other marketing and website firms. We're fluent in your language. We're not here to throw around vague metrics; we're laser-focused on the numbers that truly matter to you as a garage owner - your profits. You can trust us to bring valuable customers straight to your door, and we stand by our guarantee. Just answer the phone, secure those customer bookings, and watch your profits soar.
      • We're seeing 10x ROI on our Auto iQ marketing leads. Yes please!

        Seamless Social Media Implementation

        We go the extra mile by delving deep into the social media landscape and creating tailored content for your online presence. We're experts at targeting the precise car drivers you're after on social media, using language that not only boosts your social media presence but also drives enquiries. It baffles us why some companies skip this vital research and expect garage owners to conjure up their own social media content – it's like asking a marketing agency to tune up an engine! Let Auto iQ handle it all with our expertise in social media content marketing. Leave it to the experts.
        • We trust you to get on with it. The results speak for themselves!

          Turn Clicks to Cash.

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            We Are the Experts in Digital Solutions

            Why choose Auto iQ? Because we’ve got our fingers on the digital pulse of the automotive industry. Combining extensive technical know-how with top-tier marketing skills, we’re more than just a consultancy or marketing agency. We’re your one-stop solution for digital excellence.


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            Premium Brand Customer Leads From Auto iQ Marketing


            we do.

            Navigating the social media maze? Leave it to us. At Auto iQ, we specialise in crafting social media strategies that make your garage stand out and drive profit. Utilising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we create targeted, engaging content aimed at your specific customer base. Our goal is simple yet impactful: to elevate your brand’s online presence while generating high-value customer interactions that translate into increased profitability. Choose Auto iQ for a social media strategy that delivers real, measurable results.


            we do it.

            We kick things off with a thorough consultation to get under the hood of your business. This sets the stage for us to develop a bespoke digital strategy tailored to your garage’s unique requirements. From SEO and targeted ads to nurture emails, we offer a suite of solutions integrated across different departments. But our job doesn’t end once the strategy’s in place; we constantly monitor performance and fine-tune as necessary, keeping you on the road to ever-increasing profitability.

            Getting Started.

            Ready to make your garage the talk of the town on social media? We’ll help you stand out and attract more high-value customers, boosting your bottom line. Don’t wait—take your social media game to the next level today.

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            Additional Services to Drive Your Success

            Beyond Social.

            As your marketing develops over time, we might recommend some extra ways to help you become even more successful. This could lead to acquiring new high-value customers. There are a number of ways we can do this – by improving the way you appear in online searches, social media and by using ads. You don’t need to worry – Auto iQ has everything under control. You focus on your business, and we’ll work on getting you great opportunities by making sure your phone rings with high-value potential customers.

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