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Get hands-on, actionable sales training with our 2-day Front of House Jumpstart course, designed to boost your sales skills right away.


If you’re feeling the stress of a Front of House team that’s underperforming, you’re not alone. Our research shows that the average Front of House team only converts 19% of new customer enquiries, meaning a significant 81% of potential business – and profits – could be going to your competitors.

This kind of inefficiency not only impedes your garage’s growth but exacerbates industry challenges, making it difficult for you to take time off, and adding to your daily pressures. The result? A cycle of stress and missed opportunities that prevents you from realising your garage’s full potential.



The Front of House Jumpstart programme is your fast track to breaking the cycle.

In just two days of focused, practical training, we teach your Front of House team the key sales skills that have proven to be effective. We’re talking about real, actionable skills that can be implemented the very next day. You’ll immediately see improvements in customer conversion rates, which in turn will help you reclaim lost profits and reduce the stress that comes from missed opportunities.

The course is designed not just to boost your immediate bottom line but also to give you the confidence and peace of mind to step back and take that much-needed time off. Start making the most of your Front of House – enrol in Front of House Jumpstart today.

Front of House Jumpstart is a 2-day sales training course designed to boost your sales performance.

Learn actionable Front of House sales skills that you can implement immediately to increase customer conversions and profits.

Skill Enhancement

Give your Front of House team the targeted training they need to become more effective at sales and customer interaction. Boost not just their confidence but also their ability to close deals and handle various customer scenarios.
  • Just two days, and my team is already more effective!

    Quick Implementation

    Our 2-day sales training course is designed for immediate action. The skills and processes taught can be implemented as soon as your team returns to work, allowing you to see immediate improvements in customer engagement and sales metrics.
    • The changes were instant

      Improved Profit

      Turn missed opportunities into closed deals with a higher conversion rate at your Front of House. This directly translates to increased profits without the need for more customers or extra marketing spend.
      • In the first week alone, we saw AIV increase by 10%

        Weekend Training

        Front of House Jumpstart is intentionally scheduled for the weekend to ensure zero disruption to your weekday operations. Train your team without sacrificing business hours, making the most of both your time and theirs.
        • We improved skills without losing a day of business!

          More Sales. More Profit

          Enrol in our weekend Front of House Jumpstart now for immediate results.

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            We are experts at what we do.

            As industry experts in the automotive field, we’ve created Front of House Jumpstart to fast-track your team’s sales skills. Drawing on years of experience, our introductory programme is tailored to meet the unique demands of garages, ensuring immediate and tangible improvements in customer interactions and profitability. Always with a focus on responsible selling.


            Day Weekend Course


            AIV Increase After 12 weeks


            Motivated FOH Team Members


            we do.

            Front of House Jumpstart is your fast track to increased profitability. Think of us as a weekend bootcamp for your Front of House team. We deliver focused training sessions aimed at enhancing key sales and customer service skills. But we don’t stop there; we also equip your team with practical tools that can be implemented immediately, transforming your Front of House from a weak link into a strong asset.


            we do it.

            We condense high-impact training into a weekend programme that balances practical exercises with informative modules. Hosted at our Head Office in Northampton, the 2-day course focuses on crucial areas like effective selling techniques and overcoming customer objections. The experience is hands-on, ensuring that each participant leaves with actionable insights that can be immediately applied to your Front of House operations. It’s a quick but powerful upgrade, offering immediate value without disrupting your regular business activities.

            Getting Started.

            Kick off your road to a better Front of House with our Front of House Jumpstart programme. Right after your first weekend session, you’ll feel ready and equipped to make instant changes that pay off. It’s hands-on training that you can put to work as soon as you’re back in the garage. Start with Jumpstart and set your business on the path to higher profits and happier customers.

            To have a zero commitment discovery call to share your aspirations and help us understand how we can help, please call.

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            What's the Next Gear?

            From Jumpstart to Accelerator: Your Path to Higher Profits

            Once you’ve experienced the immediate benefits of Front of House Jumpstart, you’ll be well-prepared to take the next step with Front of House Accelerator. Our Accelerator programme builds on the strong sales foundation laid by Jumpstart, introducing advanced strategies and ongoing support that elevate your Front of House from good to exceptional. Make the seamless transition and secure your garage’s long-term profitability and operational excellence.

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