High-Impact, Results-Driven Advertising

With targeted ads from Auto iQ, your garage stays front and centre for potential customers. We focus on high-impact advertising that drives high value leads, lifting your bottom line. Your ad spend becomes a smart, efficient investment for your business.

  • 1Make the Phone Ring
  • 2The Right Customers/Jobs
  • 3Increase Profit

Trust Auto iQ Ads for one simple reason: we deliver results backed by our guarantee. No hype, no jargon, just measurable profit. If we don’t deliver the enquiries, you don’t pay. Make your ad spend a true investment, not a gamble.


In a world swamped by digital noise, your ads are barely a whisper. You’re throwing money into the online abyss, hoping for a miracle. Metrics like ‘click-through rates’ and ‘quality scores’ are bandied about, but do they add up to real money in the bank? With ever-changing platforms and elusive customers, you’re gambling with your hard-earned cash. And the risk? Funding your competitors’ success while your profits flatline. It’s time for a reality check: is your ad strategy hitting the mark, or missing it altogether?



Enough with the guesswork. With Auto iQ Ads, you get more than just leads – you get customers who are ready to do high value business. We use our deep industry knowledge to make your ad spend count. No more confusing metrics; we show you the real business value generated from your advertising. And here’s our promise: if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay. Make your advertising budget a true investment with Auto iQ. We’re not just another agency; we’re your route to consistent, measurable profit.

Auto iQ Ads: Don't just spend on ads, invest in profits.
Real leads, measurable results, zero risk. Your bottom line will thank you.

Generate More Phone Calls – Guaranteed

We're all about making sure you're the garage people think of first. Our ads don't just sit there; we keep tweaking them so they perform even better over time. The result? Your phone won't stop ringing with quality leads that turn into profitable jobs. We don't measure success in clicks but in real customers who are ready to spend. Plus, we're always optimising your online presence, keeping you ahead of the competition. In a nutshell, our focus is on boosting your earnings by consistently bringing you high-value customers.
  • Auto iQ's marketing has delivered over 3k German vehicle customers to our garage

    Attracting Valuable Customers

    Our focus is on finding you valuable customers, and we're pretty damn good at it, if we do say so ourselves! So good that we consistently beat the dealers at their own game. And as if that doesn't make us stand out, our guarantee does - if we don't hit our target of leads, you don't pay. So, if you are looking for a team that delivers guaranteed results and an Average Invoice Value 1.8x higher than the industry average then Auto iQ could be the marketing partner you're looking for.
    • I arrived at work this morning and the car park was full of Mercedes. What can I say? I think the Ads are working!

      Increase Your Profits

      Unlike other marketing and website companies, we talk in a way that you understand. No confusing technical jargon. We're not fixated on unclear measurements; we give importance to the numbers that genuinely matter to you as a garage owner - your profit. You can trust us to bring valuable customers right to you, and we stand by our word. All you need to do is pick up the phone and book the work.

      • We're seeing 10x ROI on our Marketing investment. Couldn't be happier.

        Easy & Seamless Implementation

        Unlike other Ads companies, we are independent aftermarket digital marketing experts. We know exactly how to reach the specific car drivers you're aiming for, and we're skilled at crafting the Ads and landing pages that generate enquiries. We can't quite understand why some agencies expect garage owners to come up with their own campaigns and Ad copy – that's like asking a marketing agency to tune up an engine! Leave it all to Auto iQ. Trust the experts.
        • We trust Auto iQ to deliver on time, and their marketing simply works.

          Boost Your Profits Risk Free.

          Make your garage the go-to choice. With Auto iQ, if we don't deliver, you don't pay. No risk, all reward. Act now!

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            We Are the Experts in Digital Solutions

            Why choose Auto iQ? Because we’ve got our fingers on the digital pulse of the automotive industry. Combining extensive technical know-how with top-tier marketing skills, we’re more than just a consultancy or marketing agency. We’re your one-stop solution for digital excellence.


            Return on Marketing Investment


            Typical AIV on Auto iQ Marketing Leads


            AIV Compared to Garage Industry


            Premium Brand Customer Leads from Auto iQ Marketing


            we do.

            In today’s crowded digital landscape, standing out is vital for your garage business. That’s where our expertise in Paid Marketing comes into play. At Auto iQ, we develop targeted ad campaigns designed to reach potential customers actively seeking the high-value services you offer. Utilising platforms like Google Ads and social media, we focus on conversion-driven strategies that don’t just increase traffic, but also boost your bottom line. Our goal is straightforward: maximise your ROI by putting your ads in front of the right people at the right time, ultimately increasing both customer acquisition and profitability.


            we do it.

            We kick things off with a thorough consultation to get under the hood of your business. This sets the stage for us to develop a bespoke digital strategy tailored to your garage’s unique requirements. From SEO and targeted ads to nurture emails, we offer a suite of solutions integrated across different departments. But our job doesn’t end once the strategy’s in place; we constantly monitor performance and fine-tune as necessary, keeping you on the road to ever-increasing profitability.

            Getting Started.

            Looking to get your garage noticed by the right people, right now? Our paid marketing strategies are designed to do just that. Give us a call to start driving more high-value customers straight to your business. No time to waste—the quicker you act, the faster you see results.

            Please call us on 01604 328500

            Additional Services to Drive Your Success

            Ready for More Than Just Ads to Boost Your Garage Enquiries?

            As your marketing develops over time, we might recommend some extra ways to help you become even more successful. This could involve acquiring new high-value customers. There are a number of ways we can do this – by improving the way you appear in online searches, social media and by using ads. You don’t need to worry – Auto iQ has everything under control. You focus on your business, and we’ll work on getting you great opportunities by making sure your phone rings with high-value potential customers.

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