Unlock Your Garage's Full Potential with Front of House Accelerator

Auto iQ's accountability programme boosts profits with a Front of House that works - even without you

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  • 2Smooth Operations
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Get ahead with Front of House Accelerator – the first of it’s kind garage programme designed to elevate your Front of House, drive up profits, and let you manage less while achieving more.


You’re stuck in a tiring cycle: constantly telling your Front of House team what to do without seeing any real improvement.

Sales – a word you might even dislike – isn’t your strong suit, and as a result, coaching your team feels like a foreign language.

The endgame? A disappointing conversion rate on new customer enquiries, a massive loss in potential profits, and the ongoing stress of never being able to step back from the business. It’s a roadblock that’s not only stunting your garage’s growth but also making every workday a draining experience.



We understand the struggle, and that’s why our Front of House Accelerator programme is designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

We start by working closely with your team, equipping them with the skills and strategies needed to effectively manage customer enquiries and daily operations.

Through face-to-face and regular online development sessions, we’ll instil our proven sales techniques, ensuring that they can handle the Front of House even when you’re not there.

Our focus is not just on coaching but on creating sustainable, smooth processes that drive profits up and allow you to step back from micromanaging. You’ll finally see a team that’s self-sufficient and a Front of House that’s a profit-generating powerhouse.

Maximise Your Garage Profits with Auto iQ's Front of House Accelerator

Discover how Auto iQ’s comprehensive programme, blending online sessions with in-person coaching, can propel your team to higher performance levels. The outcome? Your garage enjoys smoother operations and a significant boost in profits.

Boost Profits Without Cutting Corners

The Front of House Accelerator isn't just about quick sales; it's about responsible selling that lays the foundation for long-term success. You'll learn to balance selling with providing genuine value to customers. That way, you don't just make a quick quid; you gain loyal customers who come back again and again, boosting your bottom line in a way that you can be proud of.
  • Profits are up, and customers keep coming back. It's a win-win.
    front of house accelerator
    front of house accelerator

    No More Diary Disasters

    Let's face it, a chaotic schedule can throw the whole garage off balance. The Front of House Accelerator programme helps you nail down an effective and foolproof diary management system. This means no more double bookings or idle mechanics. Your Front of House staff can manage appointments in a way that maximises productivity while keeping customers satisfied.
    • Our diary's sorted, and the workflow's smooth. Cheers, Auto iQ.

      Speak the Customer's Language

      Your Front of House staff needs more than just good sales talk; they need to know their nuts and bolts. Our programme includes a robust technical training segment that gives your team the know-how to talk confidently about services and repairs. This translates to more effective selling and a clientele that trusts your team's advice.
      • Now we talk torque, not just price. It makes a difference.

        Get Your Priorities Straight

        In the hustle and bustle of running a garage, it's easy to lose sight of what's important. Front of House Accelerator strips away unnecessary tasks and focuses on what really moves the needle. From managing customer enquiries to handling complaints effectively, the programme streamlines your Front of House operations to ensure you're ticking off the right boxes every single day.
        • No more running around like headless chickens. We know what needs doing.

          Set Up for the Long Haul

          What's the endgame? If you're looking to create a business that thrives even without your day-to-day involvement, Front of House Accelerator is geared towards that too. We'll work with your team to set up systems that are not just efficient but are also easy for them to manage. That way, you can step back when you need to, knowing the garage is in good hands.
          • I took three weeks holiday and profits went up! That's a game-changer.

            Guaranteed Results.

            Rev up your profits and put your garage in the fast lane with the Front of House Accelerator programme. Don't just coast - accelerate!

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              We have an unmatched commitment to the independent repair sector. With decades of experience owning and operating garages, we bring real-world expertise to your doorstep.


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              we do.

              We transform your garage’s Front of House into a profit-generating machine that runs smoothly even without your constant oversight. Through our 12-month Accelerator programme, we offer hands-on training and implement proven strategies to boost sales and improve operations. The result? Increased profits, happier customers, and the freedom for you to step back and watch your business thrive.


              we do it.

              We help you break the cycle of constant management by turning your Front of House into a self-running profit engine. Our hands-on training boosts your team’s skills, our regular check-ins keep them on track, and our tailored strategies lift both sales and customer satisfaction. In short, we free up your time and build up your bottom line.

              Getting Started.

              Step into a partnership that puts money in your pocket and time back in your day. With Auto IQ’s Front of House Accelerator, you’ll see immediate results as we roll out tried and trusted systems that turn your team into sales pros and customer champions. Imagine a business that doesn’t just survive but thrives, even when you’re not around. Your journey to higher profits and lower stress starts here.

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              What's the Next Gear?

              The journey doesn't have to end when the initial programme wraps up.

              Think of it as a journey that keeps on giving. Staying on with our Front of House Accelerator means ongoing coaching that keeps your team sharp, sales up, and customers happy. The benefit? A continuously high-performing Front of House, even as your team changes and grows. New hires can jump into the programme at any time, so you never skip a beat in maintaining top-notch service and profitability.

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