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Unlock Profitability with Jumpstart: Our 8-Week Introductory Business Programme Designed to Fast-Track Your Garage.

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Revamp Your Garage Business with Jumpstart: Get key insights, a personalised roadmap, and actionable strategies in a 8-week programme that sets you on the path to lasting success.


Are you fed up with the constant struggles of garage ownership? Do you find yourself battling thin margins, disengaged employees, and dwindling customer loyalty? Maybe you’re bogged down by administrative tasks, leaving you little time to focus on growth. If you’re stuck in this exhausting loop, you’re not alone. Many garage owners grapple with these issues. The industry is only getting more competitive, and without a concrete plan, you risk falling further behind.



Unlock the secrets to a thriving garage business with our Jumpstart Programme. Through online development sessions and face-to-face workshops, we’ll educate you on the essential components of a successful operation. Gain comprehensive insights into team structure, key performance indicators, and strategic planning tailored to your business. It’s not just about hints and tips; it’s about equipping you with the knowledge and a specific plan for you to chart your path to profitability.

The Jumpstart Programme is delivered over a series of events, combining online development and face-to-face sessions.

Start your journey to increased profit with Jumpstart: Our introductory programme equips you with a tailored strategy and essential business insights to transform your garage operation.

Comprehensive Business Education

Understand every nook and cranny of running a profitable garage business, from the basics of accounting to customer acquisition.
  • Auto iQ made me see my business as a whole, not just bits and pieces.

    Tailored Business Planning

    Receive a personalised roadmap that covers short-term actions and long-term strategies, providing a clear direction for your garage.
    • The tailored plan gave me confidence. I know exactly what I need to do now.

      KPI Knowledge

      Learn which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are critical for your specific garage, enabling you to monitor and improve performance effectively.
      • Understanding KPIs was a game-changer for me.

        Team Structure

        Learn how to assemble a cohesive, efficient team that aligns with your business objectives, so you're not just hiring, you're building assets.
        • I learned what team I need to make my garage a success. It wasn't what I thought!

          Accelerator Introduction

          Get a sneak peek into our Business Accelerator Programme to see how it dovetails with Jumpstart, preparing you for seamless progression from planning to execution.
          • Accelerator boosted my gross profit by £190k in 12 months

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              Increase in Annual GP on Accelerator

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              Implementation Stages to Success


              we do.

              Our Jumpstart Programme sets the stage for your garage’s future success. We provide you with the essential knowledge and tools you need to understand the intricacies of running a profitable business. This isn’t about quick fixes; it’s about laying a solid foundation for lasting prosperity.


              we do it.

              We blend virtual learning sessions with in-person workshops at our headquarters to offer a comprehensive educational experience. You’ll learn about the key aspects of business management, from understanding KPIs to effective team structuring, and leave with a personalised business plan tailored to your garage’s specific needs.

              Getting Started.

              Kickstart your path to a prosperous future with Jumpstart from Auto IQ. Feel the immediate clarity and confidence as you complete your first educational session and begin crafting your personalised business plan.

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              What's the Next Gear?

              What Happens After Jumpstart?

              Once you’ve completed our Jumpstart Programme, you’ll have all the essential knowledge and a robust business plan tailored to your garage. But the journey doesn’t stop there.

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              Take the Next Step with Business Accelerator

              The natural next step is to move on to our Business Accelerator Programme. With the solid foundation laid by Jumpstart, you’re now ready to implement your plan, optimise operations, and see significant growth in profitability. Business Accelerator takes you from planning to doing, ensuring that your garage doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

              By joining Business Accelerator, you’ll benefit from side-by-side implementation of our proven systems, processes, and exclusive software, driving your business to new heights.

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