We Build Customer Acquisition Engines Not Websites

Not all websites are created equal. An Auto iQ website is built from the bottom up to attract high-value customers to boost your garage's bottom line. Our websites work as hard as you do.

  • 1Make the Phone Ring
  • 2The Right Customers
  • 3Increase Profit

Join 50+ satisfied customers boosting their business with Auto iQ Marketing. We don’t just build websites; we deliver high-value enquiries.


Think your website’s just a digital business card? Think again! As a business owner, securing a top spot on Google isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. But here’s the catch: Navigating the web jargon is like wading through quicksand. Metrics like “impressions” sound fancy but leave you scratching your head. Who can you trust in this digital maze? And with everyone offering seemingly similar services, is going cheap the smart move? Don’t bet on it. Picking the wrong website strategy can cost you customers and slice into your profits. Get it wrong, and you’re not just missing out – you’re actively losing ground.



Looking to elevate your garage business? Auto iQ offers more than just websites – we create acquisition engines designed to generate high-value enquiries. We understand the automotive industry and focus on what’s vital for your success. Our approach starts with an in-depth understanding of your unique goals, followed by a tailored strategy to hit those targets. With an Auto iQ website, you’re investing in a tool that’s engineered to increase enquiries, not just capture attention. Secure more than just online visibility; get a solution that’s proven to drive real business results. Choose Auto iQ for guaranteed impact.

Revolutionise Your Garage Business with an Auto iQ Website

More Than a Website: Auto iQ Digital Marketing is a proven engine for high-value enquiries and increased profit. Unlock your garage’s full potential with a guaranteed steady flow of quality customer leads. Target the right clientele, secure valuable work, and see your profits rise. It’s not just marketing; it’s a business transformation.

Drive Business to Your Door - Guaranteed

We don't just build websites; we build customer pipelines that make your phone ring, outpacing your competitors. It's not just about an online presence; it's about tangible results.
  • More calls from right customers. It's working!

    High-Quality Customer Acquisition

    We don't just bring in any customer; we bring in valuable ones. Our tailored, data-driven strategies result in customers whose average invoice value is 1.8x higher than the industry norm.

    • In the last two months, we've seen more Mercedes in our garage than in the previous six years.

      Profit-Centric Focus

      We talk your language: profit. Forget vague metrics like 'impressions'; we drive customers to you that directly boost your bottom line.
      • Our Auto iQ Marketing leads are 40% more valuable than our usual customers

        Seamless, Effortless Implementation

        We don't just deliver on time and budget; we go beyond. From in-depth local market research to content creation that's SEO-friendly, we handle everything, so you don't have to.
        • Auto IQ's like an extra team member: easy setup, great results.

          Turn your website into a high-performance acquisition engine

          Don't miss out on driving more high-value enquiries to your garage. 

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            We Are the Experts in Digital Solutions

            Why choose Auto iQ? Because we’ve got our fingers on the digital pulse of the automotive industry. Combining extensive technical know-how with top-tier marketing skills, we’re more than just a consultancy or marketing agency. We’re your one-stop solution for digital excellence.


            Premium Brand Customers Acquired from Auto iQ Marketing


            AIV Compared to Garage Industry


            Return on Marketing Investment


            we do.

            Our chief aim is to turn your garage into a revenue-generating powerhouse. We believe in more than just quick fixes; we’re about creating sustainable, long-term profitability. We don’t do generic. We craft personalised strategies that tackle your specific challenges head-on, ensuring you see measurable gains in customer acquisition and retention.


            we do it.

            We kick things off with a thorough consultation to get under the hood of your business. This sets the stage for us to develop a bespoke digital strategy tailored to your garage’s unique requirements. From SEO and targeted ads to nurture emails, we offer a suite of solutions integrated across different departments. But our job doesn’t end once the strategy’s in place; we constantly monitor performance and fine-tune as necessary, keeping you on the road to ever-increasing profitability.

            Ready to turn your website into a high-performance acquisition engine?

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            Additional Services to Drive Your Success

            An Auto iQ website serves as the starting point for your digital acquisition project.

            However, it doesn’t stop there. Once we grasp your business goals and plans, we might suggest additional ways to boost your success. This could involve strategies like SEO, paid marketing, social media engagement, and retention marketing. Don’t worry, Auto iQ has got you covered across the board. While you manage your business, we’ll dedicate ourselves to generating top-notch leads by making your phone ring.

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