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Auto iQ's software streamlines your Front of House operations, improving customer experience and sales rates. It's a simple, effective tool to increase your garage's revenue.

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Boost sales and reclaim a day per week for each Front of House staff member with Auto iQ’s Sales software.


Are you really maximising the revenue from each vehicle in your workshop? Think again. A sluggish Front of House quoting process isn’t just a minor hiccup, it’s a roadblock to your sales pipeline. While some solutions out there might seem to speed up the process, if they’re not converting sales, they’re no solution at all. The result? Not only are you leaving significant money on the table, but you’re also missing out on potential sales conversions, essentially opening the door for your competitors to swoop in.



Introducing Auto iQ’s Sales Conversion & Communication Software – your fast track to turbocharged quoting and higher sales conversions. Unlike other tools that merely speed up the quoting process, our software ensures those quotes convert into profitable sales for your garage. The result? You don’t just save time; you amplify your revenue. Say goodbye to tedious Front of House delays and missed opportunities. Our Sales software optimises your workflow and shuts the door on competitors aiming to poach your potential customers. With our sales software, you gain a streamlined process, reduced stress and, most importantly, a healthier bottom line.

Supercharge your quotes and sales with Auto iQ's Sales Software - fast, efficient, and proven to boost your profits.

All Auto iQ Software solutions work in unison with your existing Garage Management software.

Rapid Quotes, Higher Profits

With our Sales Conversion and Communication Software, you don't just get faster quotes, you get more profitable outcomes. Streamlined quoting means you respond quicker and close deals more efficiently, boosting your bottom line.
  • Halved quoting time, doubled conversions. This software changes the game!

    Strategic Quotes for Maximum Impact

    Our software comes with intelligent features that let you craft quotes that really resonate. It's not just about quoting; it's about converting every opportunity into revenue.
    • I can craft quotes that convert in minutes!

      Smooth Workflow, Zero Hassle

      Integrate our software seamlessly into your operations. Our Sales Software streamlines the production of customer quotes, making your workflow smoother than ever.
      • I feel like I've got an invisible team member on the desk.
      • I save a day a week per team member on quoting.

        Empower Your Team, Close More Deals

        Equip your team with performance insights that enable proactive pipeline management. Our software lets your team focus on what really matters: sealing the deal.
        • I know exactly where my team needs to focus. We're more results-driven than ever.

          Scale Your Success

          Our software isn't just a tool; it's a long-term business partner. Its scalable features mean that as your business grows, your sales software grows with you.
          • This is one piece of software my whole team want to use.

            Slow quotes and missed sales opportunities?

            More quotes, more sales and more profit with Auto iQ's Sales Software

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              We Are the Experts in Digital Solutions

              Why choose Auto Software? Because we combine deep-rooted experience in the automotive industry with cutting-edge software solutions. Our team of experts has extensive technical knowledge, marketing acumen, and a hands-on understanding of the unique challenges that garage owners face. We’re not just software providers; we’re strategic partners committed to driving your success.


              Hours saved pa, per FOH team member


              Increase in AIV in 12 weeks


              we do.

              We’re here to take your garage business to the next level. How? By offering easy-to-use software that really gets the job done. We’ve got special tools for marketing to help you attract the right customers, sales software to turn more quotes into paid jobs, and business software to make running your garage a breeze. No complicated tech stuff, just straightforward solutions made to tackle your everyday challenges and help you make more money.


              we do it.

              Success in the garage business isn’t just about fixing cars; it’s about running a smart operation. Our software solutions are engineered to drive your success. From automating routine tasks to providing in-depth analytics, we give you the tools you need to make informed decisions quickly. With our software backing you up, you’re not just maintaining your business—you’re elevating it to new heights of profitability and efficiency.

              Getting Started.

              Tired of slow quotes and missed sales opportunities? It’s time to level up with our sales software. Hit the red button or call us now to speed up your quoting process, boost your conversion rates, and increase your Average Invoice Value (AIV). Take the first step towards a more profitable garage today!

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              Additional Services to Drive Your Success

              Elevate your garage's performance with Auto iQ software solutions.

              Our tailored software helps improve Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finances, offering real benefits for your garage. No need to worry about the small stuff, we’ve got it sorted for you. Enjoy higher profits, less stress, and smoother operations as our software changes the way you manage your garage. Check out our Insight and Business Software pages to see how Auto iQ can make a difference in your business. Start your success journey today with Auto iQ.

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