Skill Up Your Technicians, Gear Up Your Profits

Our Technical Accelerator programme unlocks 29 tailored courses to keep your team engaged, skilled and profit-driven - helping you tackle the industry's recruitment challenge

  • 1Skill Retention
  • 2Fill Knowledge Gaps
  • 3Self-Sufficient Team

Boost your profits and tackle the technician recruitment challenge head-on with our Technical Accelerator. We’ve revolutionised Business & Front of House Training – now we’re doing the same with Technical Training. Equip your team with in-demand skills while gaining peace of mind.


You’re feeling the pinch. Skilled technicians are harder to find than a needle in a haystack, and every unfilled role is a dent in your profits. Worse yet, your current technicians are a flight risk, eyeing opportunities in a fiercely competitive market. It’s not just about money; it’s about your peace of mind. With each vacant spot, your stress levels soar and your freedom dwindles. You’re chained to the garage, overseeing operations that should be running smoothly without you. Let’s not even talk about the long-term implications – like the erosion of service quality and customer trust. If this sounds like your daily grind, it’s time for a change.



Enter the Technical Accelerator – your direct route to a skilled, committed, and self-sufficient technician team. Our programme offers 29 carefully curated courses covering petrol, diesel, and electric essentials, along with advanced topics like oscilloscope diagnosis and manufacturer-specific training.  This not only fills your workshop’s skill gaps but also makes your current technicians less likely to jump ship. We focus on making them invested in your success, which translates to a stronger bottom line and your much-needed peace of mind. A win-win for everyone involved.

Technical Accelerator is a comprehensive programme designed to upskill and retain your garage's technicians

Auto iQ’s Technical Accelerator programme offers 29 specialised technical courses covering petrol, diesel, and electric essentials, along with advanced topics like oscilloscope diagnosis and manufacturer-specific training. Coupled with our unique coaching framework, it aims to boost commitment, reduce staff turnover, and enhance profitability for your business.

Skill Retention, Team Loyalty

Investing in the in-depth, hands-on training provided in our Technical Accelerator strengthens the bond between your technicians and your garage. It transforms them from mere employees to dedicated team members who take ownership of their tasks.
  • My lads aren't just clocking in; they're genuinely fired up.

    Fill Knowledge Gaps, Elevate Profits

    Our 29 tailor-made courses go from the fundamentals to advanced diagnostics. We're talking about courses that turn your team into multi-discipline experts. More skills mean more jobs you can take on and fewer mistakes, all adding up to more money in the bank.
    • We can now take on jobs we previously had to turn away.

      Self-Sufficient Team, Owner Freedom

      Your technicians learn to troubleshoot and make decisions on their own, freeing you from constant oversight and letting you get on with growing your business.
      • I can finally think strategy, not just firefight.

        Reduced Flight Risk in a Competitive Market

        Our programme doesn't just skill up your team; it also gives them career progression opportunities within your garage. In a market where every other garage is looking to poach talent, this is your secret weapon to keep your team intact.
        • My best techs see a future here, and they're sticking around. Massive win!

          Develop your technicians

          Don't wait for the next great technician to walk through your doors; create a team of them with Technical Accelerator.

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            We are experts at what we do.

            Our unmatched commitment to the independent repair sector speaks volumes. With decades of hands-on experience in owning and operating garages, coupled with 20 years of technical training, we bring real-world expertise right to your doorstep. We don’t just know the theory; we’ve lived the day-to-day challenges you face. That’s why our programmes are tailored to offer practical, profitable solutions for your business.


            we do.

            We transform garage businesses, simple as that. Our Technical Accelerator Programme equips your technicians with the skills they need to excel, but it goes beyond mere training. We turn your workshop into a powerhouse of expertise and loyalty, directly impacting your bottom line and reducing the constant worry about staff turnover. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a customised strategy designed to give you peace of mind and greater profits.


            we do it.

            How do we turn your garage around? Through a potent mix of in-depth courses and real-world coaching. Our 29 specialised courses cover everything from the basics to the cutting-edge in automotive repair. But we don’t stop at just imparting knowledge. Your technicians get transformed into dedicated professionals committed to your business’s success.

            Getting Started.

            Ready to transform your garage into a hub of expertise and profitability? Our Technical Accelerator Programme is tailored to set you on the path to a smoother, more lucrative operation. No more headaches over technician recruitment or worries about staff turnover.

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