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Secure high-value jobs and retain your customer base from competitor threats with Auto iQ's Retention Marketing.

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Choose Auto iQ Retention Marketing for real, lasting customer loyalty. Convert one-time buyers into lifelong customers and boost your profits—no gimmicks, just unbeatable results.


In a market flooded with options, keeping your existing customers can feel like herding cats. You’re investing time and resources, but is it really enough to ensure your customers buy the valuable services from you? With competitors lurking at every corner, you’re at constant risk of losing your hard-earned customer base. The danger? Boosting your competitors’ growth while your own profit margins dwindle. It’s time to ask yourself: is your retention strategy safeguarding your customer base, or are you merely a stepping stone on their path to your competitors?



Don’t just make a sale, make a customer for life with Auto iQ’s Retention Marketing system. Our state-of-the-art email and SMS systems don’t just send messages; they build relationships. We fine-tune engagement, striking the perfect balance that keeps customers returning without overwhelming them.

In a marketplace where it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one, Auto iQ is your secret weapon for customer retention and revenue growth.

Say goodbye to single sales and hello to lifelong customers. Make the smart choice; choose Auto iQ’s Retention Marketing system to supercharge your profits today.

Unlock lifelong loyalty, not just one-time sales. Auto iQ's Retention Marketing supercharges your profits by turning occasional customers into valuable customers.

Don't Lose Your Customers to Your Competitors

Our cutting-edge retention marketing solution ramps up engagement, leading to more incoming phone calls for the high-value work you want. With targeted offers, MOT and Service reminders, nurture email and unique abandoned booking alerts, we captivate your audience and reignite their interest. This translates into increased customer calls, turning curiosity into profit.
  • It's competitive out there, but we're staying ahead of the pack.

    Do More of the High Value Work

    Unlock more profits by focusing on high-value garage services with Auto iQ's marketing. We help you win back the lucrative work you might be losing to rivals. Our retention strategies keep your current customers interested with custom offers. Our Eagle Eyes tool flags missed online bookings so you can clinch those sales. Plus, we make your regular MOT and service reminders grab attention. Choose Auto iQ to build customer loyalty, cut down on new customer costs, and turbocharge your business growth.
    • We're getting more servicing work from our marketing.

      Boosting Customer Satisfaction

      In today's fast-paced digital world, keeping customers happy is crucial. Our regular communication, tailored promotions and vouchers keep your customers engaged and happy. Never miss a sale with our Eagle Eyes solution, and add a spark to your routine reminders. With Auto iQ, you'll enjoy more loyal customers, increased satisfaction rates, and a stronger bottom line.
      • Our customers love your nurture email. It's become a real talking point.

        Effortless Retention: We've Got You

        Make implementation a breeze with Auto iQ. Our ready-to-go retention solutions include nurture email, offers, promotions, vouchers, and our special tool, Eagle Eyes. We'll make reminders more engaging, emails reach better, and show you success. Watch your profit rise as we build loyalty and love for your brand. Our deal? We do the hard work, you handle the leads. Retention made easy and profitable.
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          Stop Losing Customers to Competitors.

          Increase high-value work and boost profits with Auto iQ! Discover how our retention marketing keeps your customers loyal while driving your bottom line

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            We Are the Experts in Digital Solutions

            Why choose Auto iQ? Because we’ve got our fingers on the digital pulse of the automotive industry. Combining extensive technical know-how with top-tier marketing skills, we’re more than just a consultancy or marketing agency. We’re your one-stop solution for digital excellence.


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            Return on Marketing Investment


            we do.

            Keeping a customer is often more valuable than acquiring a new one, and that’s where our Retention Marketing services shine. At Auto iQ, we create personalised nurture campaigns designed to keep your existing customers engaged and coming back for more. Leveraging platforms like email and SMS, we provide useful, timely content that reinforces the value your garage offers. Our aim is to not only keep your current customers loyal but also to encourage them to become advocates for your brand. In doing so, we help you build a strong customer base that contributes to long-term profitability.


            we do it.

            We kick things off with a thorough consultation to get under the bonnet of your business. This sets the stage for us to develop a bespoke digital strategy tailored to your garage’s unique requirements. From SEO and targeted ads to nurture emails, we offer a suite of solutions integrated across different departments. But our job doesn’t end once the strategy’s in place; we constantly monitor performance and fine-tune as necessary, keeping you on the road to ever-increasing profitability.

            Getting Started.

            Want to keep your customers coming back, doing more of the valuable work and boosting your profits in the long run? Call us to find out how our retention marketing can make that happen. Act now, and turn your one-time customers into loyal regulars.

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            Additional Services to Drive Your Success

            More Than Retention

            As your marketing develops over time, we might recommend some extra ways to help you become even more successful. This could involve acquiring new high-value customers. There are a number of ways we can do this – by improving the way you appear in online searches, social media and by using ads. You don’t need to worry – Auto iQ has everything under control. You focus on your business, and we’ll work on getting you great opportunities by making sure your phone rings with high-value potential customers.

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