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Essential Diagnostic Skills

Essential Diagnostic Skills - 2 Days

Accurate and efficient diagnosis is a requirement for commercial success, and this course ensures you have a thorough knowledge of what’s required to achieve that goal.

Regardless of the vehicle fault there’s always a right, and not so right way to approach the problem at hand, and on this course you’ll learn all aspects that need to be considered when approaching a problem and the many options available so that it gets fixed first time.

Diagnostic training

You'll Learn...

Why diagnostic repairs can take too long, don’t get fixed first time and how to stop this happening.

You’ll discover the diagnostic tools and information that are essential to successful diagnosis and how they should be used to execute a diagnostic routine.

You’ll also learn why “better” isn’t always fixed, cut out diagnostic comebacks and how to teach yourself in the process. All in all a great course to start or boost your diagnostic knowhow.

Know how

Course Overview


Passthru diagnostics and why it’ll change your diagnostic life.


Bypass testing and how it’ll help your routine.


Why better isn’t always fixed.


How to minimise diagnostic comebacks?


The best lesson you’ll ever learn and how to teach yourself.


Diagnostic stakeholders and how they affect success.


Selling diagnostic time.


Serial diagnostic tool choice. What’s hot and what’s not.


Technical information options. What’s best for you?


Test equipment. Essential test kit you can’t live without.

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