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Partner with us to unlock proven strategies that boost profits and accelerate growth. Trusted by hundreds of UK garages, our 30 years of industry expertise delivers tailored solutions for powerful profit generation.


The independent garage sector is in crisis. Despite hard work and commitment, many owners find themselves underpaid, and profits are barely enough to meet rising industry challenges. You’re stuck on a business merry-go-round, and you know you should be earning more for the effort you’re putting in.



We take the time to get to know the unique needs of your garage. With our tried-and-trusted systems, top-tier coaching, and exclusive software suite, you’ll transform your garage into an industry-leading, highly profitable enterprise.

This 12-month Business Accelerator Programme works closely with you in all areas of your garage business, driving you towards profit success.

Boost your profits and streamline your garage operations with Auto iQ Business Accelerator systems. Solve your technician recruitment issues, improve team management, and attract the right customers, all while enjoying more free time. Work smarter, not harder, and see tangible results in your bottom line.

Management Structure and Team

Utilising our decades of experience, we'll analyse your team's will and skill to help you build or recruit a workforce that removes frustrations and achieves your short and long-term targets.
  • AIQ helped us build a great team that's boosting profits and improving how we work together.

    Daily Operations

    Our iQ operating procedures are tailored to streamline your day. See your profits rise from day one of implementing our systems.
    • With Auto IQ's iQ operating procedures, our workdays are smoother, and we saw a profit boost from the very first day.

      Products and Services

      With our Responsible Profit Framework you'll always know what to charge, adding thousands to your bottom line each month.
      • Thanks to AIQ, we've nailed our pricing and clients see the value.

        Customers and Marketing

        Our unique approach guarantees a steady flow of profitable clients who value your skill and are willing to pay for it. All you have to do is answer the phone!
        • Auto IQ's marketing is spot-on. We're getting calls from clients who value our skills and are happy to spend.

          Meaningful Goals and Financial Targets

          Our software sets attainable performance targets and holds your team accountable, ensuring you always reach your business goals.
          • Thanks to Auto IQ, we have crystal-clear financial targets that keep us focused and accountable. We've hit every target so far!

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              We are experts at what we do.

              We have an unmatched commitment to the independent repair sector. With decades of experience owning and operating garages, we bring real-world expertise to your doorstep.


              Increase in annual GP

              £27k pm

              Increase in GP after 12 weeks


              AIV Increase in 12 weeks


              we do.

              Our Jumpstart Programme sets the stage for your garage’s future success. We provide you with the essential knowledge and tools you need to understand the intricacies of running a profitable business. This isn’t about quick fixes; it’s about laying a solid foundation for lasting prosperity.


              we do it.

              We blend virtual learning sessions with in-person workshops at our headquarters to offer a comprehensive educational experience. You’ll learn about the key aspects of business management, from understanding KPIs to effective team structuring, and leave with a personalised business plan tailored to your garage’s specific needs.

              Getting Started.

              Embark on a proven path with Auto IQ’s Business Accelerator Programme and feel the immediate increase in profitability as you implement your first system.

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              What's the Next Gear?

              Enter the Partner Programme

              So, you’ve conquered the Business Accelerator and you’re seeing the profitability and efficiency gains you always knew were possible. What’s next? The path doesn’t end here; it evolves into something even greater.

              As a next step, consider joining our exclusive Partner Programme. This is more than just another phase; it’s a long-term commitment where we inject our team into yours. We get so involved that we only partner with one garage in each geographical area, ensuring you get our undivided attention and expertise.

              By becoming a Partner, you’ll have access to higher-level strategies, more in-depth operational tweaks, and ongoing support aimed at sustaining and scaling your growth. It’s the pinnacle of what we offer, designed for those who aren’t just running a business, but leading an industry.

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