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Essential Diesel Engine Management Diagnosis

Essential Diesel Engine Management Diagnosis - 2 days

Diesel engine management faults make up a large part of the diagnostic repairs seen in many workshops and this two day course is designed to give you the must have foundation knowledge that applies to all diesel systems as well as a thorough introduction to common rail systems and how to diagnose them effectively.

Diesel management training

You'll Learn...

Diesel engine principles essential to diagnosis before being introduced to the various low pressure supply systems, their operation and tests procedures.

You’ll discover how different system manufacturers generate high pressure and the different control strategies for this, and most importantly how to test when faulty. You’ll learn about the different types of injectors used how they can be assessed both on and off vehicle. We’ll also take a look at sensors and actuators specific to diesel systems as well as emission control systems including EGR, DPF, SCR and turbo control.

If you’re looking for a practical course that gives you a wide view of common rail diagnosis using both generic and manufacturer specific diagnostic equipment with oscilloscope testing and off vehicle component testing then this is the course for you.

Know how

Course Overview


Diesel engine principles.


Diesel engine management function and operation.


Low pressure fuel supply systems function, operation and diagnosis.


High pressure fuel supply function, operation and diagnosis.


Injector function operation and on vehicle diagnostic options.


Sensor operation, function and test procedures.


Actuator operation, function and test procedures.


Turbo operation, function and test procedures.


Emission control, EGR, DPF, SCR fundamental principles.


Diagnostic strategy. Understanding serial data.


Oscilloscope component analysis.


Equipment considerations for diesel diagnosis.

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