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Manufacturer Series Training

Would You Like to Repair More Vehicles and Increase Profit?

A Winning Combination of Information & Diagnostic Tooling

Manufacturer Series Training Courses

 Have you ever…

    • Had an aftermarket scan tool that wouldn’t carry out functions you thought it would?

    • Didn’t have the serial data values that you needed for and efficient diagnosis.

    • Have you fitted a component only to find it needed coding or programming.

    • Required repair information that wasn’t available from your usual source.

    • Didn’t have that all important wiring diagram.

So, that’ll be ‘Yes’ then? Of course it is, because these are very real problems that workshops face everyday.

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Do you look back at the days when an efficient diagnosis seemed simpler? Where you could get to a fix by carrying out a sound diagnostic routine, using aftermarket tooling and information, along with well founded test procedures learned on generic training courses?

Those skills are still essential but there is a missing link which in today’s world can lead to extended repair times, or in some cases no fix. This causes much frustration for the technician, and lost revenue for the business.

The Missing Link….

Manufacturer specific scan tools, information and training will change the way you look at vehicle repair.

Whilst using manufacturer diagnostic tools and information is not a new concept for some, it is often shrouded in mystery, said to be difficult to acquire, awkward to use and expensive. This part of the Auto IQ training program is designed to take away the myth and mystery.

We’ve designed a range of courses, covering popular manufacturers, for all levels of technician. Our aim is to build knowledge, confidence and to the remove the mystery associated with this subject. With our help you’ll learn how manufacturer scan tools and information can improve a generic routine, often shortening repair times, and fix vehicles that most generic tools and information just can’t.

Answering manufacturer specific diagnostic questions

What will I learn?

As independent technicians and trainers we know exactly what’s required for efficient diagnosis and repair in the aftermarket.

Our manufacturer specific courses are designed to get you up and running quickly.

Using our 3 step training concept of pre course, face to face learning and post course support you’ll learn skills that you can put into use the very next day in your workshop.

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Pre Course Learning – You’ll Learn

  • What’s available from each manufacturer and how their system works
  • Whether to buy the manufacturer diagnostic interface or consider a Passthru device
  • Where to obtain the software and what it costs
  • What kind of PC you’ll need and it’s specification
  • If undertaking multiple manufacturers we’ll look at PC options
  • Pre course video on PC setup and software installation
  • Overview of the diagnostic applications functions
  • How to use the equipment and repair information to carry out an effective diagnostic routine
Preparing for manufacturer training

Face to Face Training

  • Introduction to manufacturer information system
  • Navigation and effective operation of repair information systems
  • Wiring diagrams and component locations and how these decrease diagnostic time
  • Functional system descriptions and how to find the information on how systems work
  • Where to find and how to use technical campaigns to reduce diagnostic time
  • Automated test plans and when to use them
  • Efficient navigation and use of serial diagnostic tool
  • Preparation for Coding & Programming and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Programming and coding of components
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Post Course Support

Having attended one of our manufacturer courses you can access the online course forum where you’ll be able to post course related questions.

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Manufacturer Series Training

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