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Celebrate the success of our Business Accelerator alumni—10 finalists & a top prize in Top Garage awards!

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The annual Aftermarket Magazine’s Top Garage awards serve as the gold standard in the automotive industry, recognising garages that excel in service, operations, innovation and business strategy. This year, the excitement is particularly palpable for us at Auto iQ: a remarkable 10 out of 37 finalists have been clients of our ‘Business Accelerator’ Programme. Even more thrilling is the top prize secured by Links Automotive in their category, showcasing the transformative power of our ‘Business Accelerator’ sauce. 


We would like to shine the spotlight on these exceptional achievements and offer a glimpse into how our unique programme has served as a catalyst for such success.

Leading the Pack: Links Automotive

Being a winner in the Top Garage awards is a monumental accomplishment, and this year, Links Automotive stood out by winning the award for businesses with 4 to 6 employees. They have demonstrated exceptional effectiveness in their operations, customer service, and overall business strategy.

Why Links Automotive Stands Out

Winning an award of this stature doesn’t come easily. Links Automotive has shown an uncompromising commitment to service quality, customer relations, and operational effectiveness. They have set an example of what is achievable when a garage focuses on being effective in all aspects of its business operations. Their accomplishment underscores the potential for exceptional service and operational effectiveness to create a garage business that is truly exceptional.

Links Automotive Top Garage Award 2023

Honourable Mentions: The Finalists

While winning the top prize is a commendable feat, earning a spot as a finalist is also a significant achievement in its own right.

  • Hutchings Vehicle Services: A finalist in the businesses with 1 to 3 employees category, showing that even a small team can make a big impact in the industry.
  • Links Automotive, Shires Garage Auto Services, and A1 Auto Centre: All showcased their businesses as finalists in the garages with 4 to 6 employees category, with Links Automotive taking home the top honour.
  • P Breading Motor Services Ltd, Robert Cockings Motor Repairs Ltd, Ewan Lawson Motors, and Bryan Swales: All were admirable finalists in the businesses with 7 to 9 employees category.
  • Fitch Autos Ltd and D & D Autos (Ashford): These garages distinguished themsselves as a strong finalist in the businesses with 10+ employees category.

Simply making it to the finalist stage in a competition of this calibre indicates a commitment to top-tier service that shouldn’t be overlooked.

How Auto iQ’s Business Accelerator Programme Fits In

The spotlight is undoubtedly on Links Automotive for clinching the top prize in their category at the prestigious Top Garage awards. So, what sets them apart? A crucial part of their winning formula has been their participation in Auto iQ’s Business Accelerator Programme.

Let’s delve into how the key benefits of our programme contributed to their success
  • 1

    Unleash the Potential of Your Team
    Just like Links Automotive, you can build a powerhouse team that’s aligned with your business goals. Our expertise helps you assess and shape your workforce into an effective unit that can meet and exceed targets. No more team-related frustrations, only a cohesive unit ready to perform.

  • 2

    Boost Your Profits from Day One
    Our tailored operational procedures have proven effective in boosting daily profits. These aren’t theoretical best practices; they are actionable strategies that have been tried, tested, and delivered results for businesses like Links Automotive.

  • 3

    Always Know What to Charge
    Profitability is not a guessing game. Our Responsible Profit Framework provides a solid foundation for pricing your services, ensuring that you hit your revenue goals consistently. This benefit was instrumental in helping Links Automotive achieve their award-winning status.

  • 4

    Attract Profitable Customers
    Your skills are valuable, and the right customers will pay for them. We help you position your garage in a way that attracts profitable customers who appreciate and are willing to pay for your expertise. Links Automotive leveraged this to create a customer base that contributes to their exceptional performance.

  • 5

    Hit Your Business Goals Every Time
    One of the cornerstones of Links Automotive’s success has been their ability to set and achieve meaningful goals. Our programme includes setting realistic targets and holds your team accountable, guaranteeing that you never miss your mark.

Links Automotive’s win is a shining testament to the transformative power of the Business Accelerator Programme. They didn’t just win an award; they built a thriving, effective, and profitable business. You too can emulate their success by taking advantage of the comprehensive benefits offered by Auto iQ’s Business Accelerator Programme.

The Takeaways

For Existing Businesses

If you’re already running a garage and want to elevate your business to the next level, take a leaf out of Links Automotive’s book. Consider honing your operational effectiveness, refining your customer service, and implementing a strong, dynamic business strategy.


For Aspiring Garages

For those planning to open a garage or are in the early stages of operation, remember that achieving top-tier status requires a focus on effectiveness in every area of your business, from operations to customer relations and beyond.


The Aftermarket Magazine’s Top Garage awards provide a benchmark of excellence in the automotive industry. This year, Links Automotive and our notable finalists have set a high standard for what garages can achieve with a focus on operational effectiveness, quality service, and strategic planning.

Auto iQ’s Business Accelerator Programme is proud to have supported the journey of these successful garages. If your ambition is to see your garage reach similar levels of acclaim and profitability these are critical components you can’t afford to ignore.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how our Business Accelerator Programme can propel your garage into the limelight of industry excellence. With the right approach and the proper support, your garage could very well be the next big winner or finalist in the Top Garage awards.

For more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s set your garage on the path to industry-leading success.

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