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Pico NVH and WPS500x Diagnosis

Pico NVH and WPS500x Diagnosis - 2 Days

Creative scope usage is often enhanced with additional accessories allowing your to take your diagnostic routine to the next level and this is where the NVH vibration analysis and WPS500X pressure transducers make an entrance.

You'll Learn...

How using the WPS500X will change the way you view pressure as part of your diagnostic strategy and often confirm what’s happening physically, giving you the confidence required to strip a mechanical system and reveal the actual fault.

You’ll see how it’s possible to check for correct compression, valve timing, pressure leakage area, excessive crankcase pressure, exhaust back pressure, boost pressure, injector balance, fuel pressure, vacuum pump efficiency, oil pressure….. The list just goes on and on. Add to this the capability to compare pressure with other scope inputs and the power of this combination is only limited by your diagnostic creativity!

You’ll also be introduced to Pico’s Noise and Vehicle Harshness test tools and see the benefits that these bring in isolating and diagnosing those challenging and subjective vehicle noise and vibration faults. All in all two days of hands on scope discovery that will expand your diagnostic options.

Know how

Course Overview


Pressure transducer diagnosis overview.


WPS500x specifications and setup.


Understanding pressure waveforms.


In cylinder testing petrol and diesel.


Cylinder waveform analysis.


Fuel pressure waveform analysis petrol and diesel.


Exhaust waveform analysis.


General tests with WPS500x.


Noise and Vehicle Harshness overview.


NVH hardware.


NVH vibration analysis theory.


NVH practical diagnosis.

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